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KDJ Lanka is always looking for giving something to the society in Sri Lanka. We really like to have everything on our web in Sinahala. But, as we all know, we use English because internet is still not fully converted to Sinhala. However, we will be another partner who joins to make our language proud in future.







We Believe and We Do It

we are one of the reliable hosting providers in Sri Lanka. Not only hosting services but also LK and any other domains you need. With active customer support, you will be able to solve any issues in few minutes with our 24/7 Customer Support. The most valuable thing is you will be able to get our technical support and consultation services as you need.

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KDJ Singlish


KDJ Singlish is one of the best Sinhala Typing tool for Sri Lankans. KDJ Singlish is specially focused on Professional Typers who like to type in fast with 100% accuracy.

When we started to develop this as a software product, KDJ Singlish was just a Singlish to Sinhala Unicode converter. However, after few months, it was improved to type in FM Bindumathi, DL Malithi, Isi/Isiwara and any other fonts you needed. We really need to remember, we have released only a very very simple web version in 2019.

However, Here we have a multi platform capable software to get all the Sinhala Typers up to a level. At present you can see, many features than just a Sinhala Typing tool. In future, you will surely be impressed with many features. The best thing, we give this product 100% free without any hidden costs. However, donations are accepted to cover our overheads if you like.


Are you still searching on google, asking from facebook/whatsapp groups, asking from your friends or still you are not in decision to select a reliable and experienced hosting provider, here we are.

We don't talk too much. But we have proved what we can do and what is the potential we have to cater your requirements. In Sri Lanka, there are some good companies which tells the truth. But the most percentage are liars. They even don't know what they say. Sometimes, they won't answer your calls or reply to your messages. There are so many. Because of them, the quality of this industry has been stolen.

Anyways, we don't want to blame others. If we talk about us, we won't never hurt your feelings. Because we values your happiness more than the money. That's our main goal. We need money to cover our overheads. But we never accept you if we can't cater your requirements from our side. We know, this is a very different description. However, our sole purpose is to give a value to our country as a brand name.

KDJ Hosting

We will never shutdown our projects

However, if you are OK to donate us a little, we really accept them. Because it will help us to invest on

some latest technologies to make everything more stable.

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