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Get all your essential tasks done with a single login and a single brand, KDJ!


With over the average innovation, we thrive to provide you with the sleekest experience as possible. Sticking to our concept of Multiple systems and one login, we will deliver you with a variety of services in order to make your life easier and simple.


Innovation by it self is not the most effective thing. But when it gets mixed up with some creativity, a perfect combination happens. We provide innovative solutions with creative designs and creative ideas.


The innovative and creative solutions do not come out productive all the time.

At KDJ, that doesn’t happen. We innovate, and produce. Productivity is always our priority!

We focus on getting work done!

At KDJ, we develop solutions. We work your idea in to a reality.

We always follow our motto, “In to the future of Imagination” as we innovate new solutions. With unique ideas and creative design models, KDJ thrive to get the customer satisfaction to the next level.

Offering a high-level of support on our services makes KDJ stand out from the crowd.

Started in 2016, KDJ has come a long way to get to the stage it is on now.

K.D.Jayakody, the founder, imagines a world where lives are simpler and easy to manage. Moving away from the traditional model life, he imagines a better world to live a better life.

KDJ will make it happen by delving in to the future of imagination

Innovation redesigned!
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We develop brands, make the world simple and have you as the enjoyers!
With a high level of support, you can enjoy the following services with the KDJ's
One login-Multiple systems






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We aim to innovate new ideas unlike many others! Innovation incorporated with creativity makes us special in the field. Apart from these, we provide a high level of support for the

We have a team with extensive experience in many fields that we address. All of the members

have creative mindsets with a tendency to make the world a better place.

For more details on our team and our capabilities, you can refer to Our Team Page.

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