KDJ Notes

Feeling frustrated? Want to keep your things organized and safe?
KDJ Notes has your back!


What you include in your notes stays with you. KDJ values your privacy and secuirity. No other party, not even us, expect you have access to your notes.

Easy to Use

KDJ Notes has a simple interface and is very easy to use. No one likes complications! You can start to make notes right away easily

Free of charge

All features of KDJ Notes are offered to you free of charge. No charges, hidden payments, blocked features are here. Use all you want, for free.

Features of KDJ Notes

Saved on you PC

The notes you create with KDJ Notes are stored in your local computer. That way, your data is more secure than ever.

Per Day Notes

The notes are classified as per the day they were created. You can create, update, or delete notes by navigating to the desired date.

Monthly Note viewer

Your notes will be displayed seperately as “Notes for this month”. This feature will help you to stay organized for the entire month

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