About KDJ

Who we are, What We Do?

Photo by Ali Yahya

About KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

KDJ Lanka is a incoporated company in Sri Lanka. KDJ Lanka is focusing the satisfaction of the clients and user base who use our products at this time and near future.

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Founder of KDJ Lanka

Founder of KDJ is KDJ (Kavidu Dilshan Jayakody). As a IT guy, he has covered so many things in different areas. In addition to the IT, He does music as his hobby and his target was to show everything he achieved in an one cabinet. this is it. 

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Photo by Austin Distel
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Team of KDJ Lanka

The team of KDJ is very different than other companies. It's because our vision is so different. We believe in our team and they are dedicated for projects.

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