About KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

All about the company, Yes, we are so different

The brand called KDJ was started on 2017 and with the time, it has become an incorporated company in Sri Lanka as KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. We are now in modern age. We will not be your traditional company. But, you will see some creative mind sets with different passions and skills.

KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is not just a Software Development Company, Hosting and Domain Company, Music Production Company or any category you can think. Because we are beyond that part. We are being improving every second. We do what we love to do.

We never give up and we never break our trust of our customers. Because we always need to be your reliable partner with multiple services in Sri Lanka. We focus on one thing at time, but we do so many things to expand our company and make our country proud.

However, We are very connected with IT and we do mainly focus on IT related things. In addition, you will be able to see some business under KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, in near future. We do businesses because we need some money to live. We do free service, because we really need to build up our society with our skills.


This solution benefits in responding quicker, to market demands and save costing by increased team performance.


Communications We focus on clear and transparent communication with routine updates, allowing visibility to track progress.

UI and UX

Designing highly refined user experiences with beautiful UI/UX & effortless navigation. Keeping in mind you conversion goals.

Cost Effective

Enhancement with production cycle and reduction in cost will arrive with, offshore development.


Experienced programmers, engineers & designers, are trained on new technologies and project management.


Our process & innovative approach deliver concrete solutions and goals, with great ideas and strong teamwork.

Let's Build a Great Team

This is a good news, if you need to join with a real company who supports you to go up as an entrepreneur with skills. We know, how are it is to build up something with nothing. So, we decided to make a community to help each other. Send us your information (info@kdj.lk) if you really like to be a TEAM MEMBER of KDJ. This opportunity goes for all the students who really love to learn something new.