About KDJ, The Founder

Some information you need to know about Mr. Kavidu Dilshan Jayakody

Founder's Info

Dedicated Person to Achieve a Different Goal









KDJ name was generated with the first letters of the Full Name of Kavidu Dilshan Jayakody. When he was a student his friends and teachers always called him from his surname (Jayakody). In addition, some other pet names. Anyways, the name KDJ came out from his school life with a Music Related YouTube Channel.

He did his primary level education at Sunethradevi Primary School and the second school was Anura Central College, Yakkala. Then, he could step into the Nalanda College, Colombo 10.

After his school life, he earned his BSc (Hons) Degree from Londontec City Campus, Nugegoda which offered by the Teesside Univerity, UK.

Why we use always the different word, because he needed to include everything he had to pass to this company. Maybe some of them are personal (His Music, Projects, etc), but now everything with the KDJ name is controlling by the company. Anyways, everything is building under KDJ Brand is going under his supervision.

In IT Field, he was a quick learner of everything. Not only in IT field but also in other fields. Because what he always say, you have to learn at least a bit of everything as far as you can, super fast. 

Degree Holder

As he says, degree won't give you the full power to control everything, but you can increase the value of it with your dedication.

Focused on Hobbies

Music, Photography, Playing Cricket, Audio Productions are some of his hobbies.


Relaxed, Talented, Friendly, Professional, Experience in Different Field