About KDJ Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

All about the company, Yes, we are so different

KDJ Lanka should Focus on Giving Something

to the Society of Sri Lanka

We don't need to mention our vision and mission separately. Because we have mentioned everything shortly in everywhere of the whole website. We have done some projects for now from KDJ Lanka. However, we are working on KDJ Singlish as our main project in a company level. We a re not focusing on a customer base. We will build something by our self which is only owned for us and you will be our user base. The specialty of those words will be most of the projects we are doing will be 100% free. Not open source. But we will try to small issues everytime we can. Because there are lot of companies who are focusing large scale issues.  No offence at all. We do them also in near future. But our sole purpose is to solve some small issues and make a better platform for you.

Kavidu DIlshan Jayakody

Founder of KDJ