KDJ Singlish

Sinhala Typing is not hard anymore. Here why you have this amazing
tool to type in Sinhala.

Attention all Sinhala typists! Teachers, students, content writers and all those of you, who’ve had to constantly combat issues while typing Sinhala, KDJ’s got a solution for you.

‘KDJ Singlish’

No! It’s not just another ‘Sinhala- typing software’. It is the product of it’s Developer- Kavindu Dilshan Jayakody’s creative and dynamic mindset, integrated with the passion of giving your Sinhala typing experience a whole new dimension.

Why Us?

If accuracy is your target as you type in Sinhala and you seek a well developed tool to aid you in achieving this target,
you ought to give KDJ Singlish a go. Here’s why-

· KDJ Singlish gives you access to a range of Sinhala fonts to apply to Sinhala Unicode. Choose from FM Bindumathi, FM Basuru, FM Abhaya, Malithi Series and other types of Sinhala fonts that cater from Beginner to Expert levels.

· With KDJ Singlish aiming to attain the highest level of perfection, you will find weekly updates that are part of a continuously progressive tool.

· KDJ Singlish is a multi-user platform that supports Sinhala typists who are just starting out as beginners to those who’ve reached expertise is the field.

Features of KDJ Singlish

Singlish Typer:

Apply your preferred choice of Sinhala font or Sinhala Unicode. Type in Singlish and all is done

Singlish Voice:

If you consider Sinhala typing to be a complicated task, KDJ’s Singlish Voice feature can be your helping hand. This feature uses ‘Google Voice Typing’ and allows your to rest your hands while you type hundreds of words with the power of your voice.

Singlish Copier:

PDF version: There’s always reference material that you need to constantly glance at while you type. What if you could attach your reference material in the form of a PDF in parallel to your writing space? With KDJ Singlish Copier (PDF) you most certainly can! Just click on ‘upload your PDF’ and get an instant view of your reference material as you type simultaneously.

Image version: Is your reference material in the form of a picture or snapshot? Well then, KDJ Singlish Copier’s image version let’s you attach your image to refer to- a hassle free solution to Sinhala typing using a reference image.


The new and improvised KDJ Singlish is the ultimate package to aid you in attaining your Sinhala typing targets. With perfection being its driving force, KDJ Singlish keeps progressing along these lines and is constantly striving to become your Sinhala typing apprentice. It’s quality assured features promote ease and accessibility, making it definitely worth a download.

KDJ Singlish is always open to any queries regarding Sinhala typing and welcomes feedback from it’s clients as it believes that this communication will lead to a user-friendly atmosphere and increased levels of productivity.